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Wireless Site Survey’s

So, to start this off the definition of a site survey is a process in which you plan and design a wireless network which would then distribute a wirless solution to things such as network capacity, wireless coverage and even quality of service.


The picture which is shown above is a wireless site survey software tool, which collects, visualises and analyses Wi-Fi data. The piece of software is used to dramatically reduce the time and costs that are involved in deploying and maintaing Wi-Fi networks and overall improve network performance.

There are three types of wireless site surveys and they’re passive, active and predictive, When a passive survey takes place the application would ‘passively’ listen in on WLAN traffic which would automatically track and locate access points, even measure signal strength. During an active survery, an RV enviroment is created using simulation tools, using this simulation tool, temporary access points and signal sources are used to gather information in the enviroment, the next step is to create a floor plan made up of virtual access points, which would then estimate expected coverage and adjust their number/ location.



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