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Week 5 – Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Identify the behaviours and traits of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Compare the functionality of and IDS against an Intrusion Protection System

Describe the functionality of a low interaction honeypot

Describe the function of a high interaction honeypot

Explain some of the features across a variety of open source honeypots



Four examples of wireless protection mechanisms?
Four examples of email threats and mitigation?


Task 1:
Search through the list of honeypots in the link below. Choose one of the honeypots to research and write a short description of the honeypot. Present your research to the rest of the group during the group discussion – if you’re happy to share your research you can post your findings in the unit 32 blog.

Awesome Honeypots


Intrusion Detection Systems / Intrusion Protection Systems



Know about security related hardware and software

Intrusion detection systems: devices eg firewalls, virus protection, spyware protection, file monitoring, folder monitoring, use of honeypots, alarms


Assignment task
Create a new page in your blog, draw a diagram of a network IDS/IPS and explain the role that HIDS/NIDS perform on the network.


Assignment brief